Thursday, September 20, 2012

The body wants to feel inspired

by Alex Gallo-Brown

Blue lights twirl
through bare window,
flicker like laptop screen
pointed towards our face.
The body springs up. The body
will know what to do.
The body 
bangs head against glass,
craning its neck to see.

Downstairs, the neighbor 
against an open door.
There is a body, dead,
lying in the back lot.
No way he will sleep
until it has been removed.
Nothing to say, 
to see, here
for the body.
It does not know
this man.

Upstairs, in the room, 
body flicks laptop up,
presses a button
until it begins to speak.
There is a convention on,
chirping mouths
in quivering heads
to fill our ears
with air.
There is an election on
and we want to feel 

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Gabriel Blackwell interviewed me yesterday for the lit site Big Other about The Language of Grief, Lewis Hyde's The Gift, the gift-giving community some of you were a part of, and more. Have a look.