Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Call Max Baucus, Senator Scumbag Extraordinaire!

If you aren't aware already, Max Baucus is a conservative Democrat from Montana who just happens to be the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee--
which just happens to be the most important committee in Congress when it comes to passing health care reform. (Basically, he's the guy who has to sign off on the funds for the reform.) To date, Baucus has received almost $3 million in campaign contributions from the health insurance industry--more than any other member of Congress--and so it is unsurprising that of all the Democrats, it is he who has been the most obstructionist when it comes to the public option. One example is that he has brought more Republicans into the committee--the so-called Gang of Six--than are required, under the deceptive name of "bipartisanship." Apparently, that tests better with focus groups than "blatant corruption."

I normally don't get too outraged about this sort of thing--it just doesn't seem worth the energy--but in the case of Baucus, and in the case of healthcare, the outrage is plenty healthy. The idea that a man whose entire constituency equals about two percent of the number of people in this country currently without healthcare is holding up the most important piece of legislation in our lifetimes is enough to make one's stomach turn. Or one's blood boil. Mine certainly is.

I've been calling Senator
Baucus' office to let them know what I think about what he's doing, and I suggest you do the same. The number is (
202) 224-2651.

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