Saturday, September 26, 2009

Poem: I'll Rule It

by Amy Berkowitz

“I wish I looked like my beautiful dog! He is so sleek with lean, taut muscles. He has inspired me to start doing weight workouts. I hope some day someone will tell me we look alike.” 

Weirdest Economic Indicator Ever

Train hopping punks complain of fewer freights running, longer waits

Amy likes her own link

Best Ideas for Music:

Complete pause then continue song
Song about band name

Everything wonderful abt T’s text message, inviting me to her sister’s Puerto Rican day bbq, and how her sister knows I would make something good and also wants to see me it’s been over a year. So happy that I broke off a leaf of a bush, a perfect leaf-shaped leaf – just to hold it, feel it, enjoy it in my hand, fold or tear it if I care to. I think: I have all this, and I can have this too! When they make Lawrence Street into a kingdom, I’ll rule it.

Blood beer siblings

And the time I accidentally discovered free jazz
When I stayed in my friend’s room in Medford
After I’d moved away, and my friend’s room
Used to be my room, the same
Except she painted it navy blue
And there was all this cool shit in it
They only thing she kept was my
broken red mushroom shaped lamp
Which I didn’t think anyone would keep
And there was all this other shit
I smoked her weed and put on whatever record
Was on the turntable
The cover was orange with some black on it
and I really liked it
My mind got blown
When Em got home I asked her what it was she said
I have no idea

But isn’t it awesome?

How strange the relationship
between food and the economy is

It falls off the bone
I fall off the bone!!

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