Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Utopianist

A few days ago, a post I wrote about labor unions went up on the new politics site, The Utopianist. Editor Brian Merchant started it the site as an alternative to the more partisan websites currently out there. Here's how he describes The Utopianist's mission:

"Where are the new ideas? The big ones? The ones that could move us towards a more livable, just society? They’re out there, believe it or not. The Utopianist gathers them, explains them, discusses them. We look beyond horse-race politics, beyond ideology — towards finding real solutions for the increasingly dire domestic and global crises of our time. Issues like climate change, poverty, disease, growing income inequality, and widening social divisions demand thinking on a larger scale. We’ll try to diagnose the vast array of problems we face — both local and global — and look at the big picture solutions.                                       

And no, we’re not actually trying to engineer a perfect society here. We’re not communists, fascists, socialists, radical revolutionaries, or violent guerilla terrorists, either, for that matter. We just want things to get better."

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