Wednesday, March 23, 2011

As For How I'm Doing

I'm not sure.
I miss you, I miss my dad.
I miss my work, 
writing seems impossible here.
I am tired of thinking and talking
about politics and society,
yet it seems to be the only thing
I can think and talk about
these days.
I yearn for stories, images,
quiet moments.
I feel like I'm talking too much
and yet I can't stop.
I miss sex; sometimes it seems 
like the only thing
I can think about.
I miss your body.
I want to leave the Northwest
for a farm far away.
I walked through Whole Foods today
and felt like smashing things.
Instead, I bought an avocado,
black beans, whole wheat tortillas.
There was a woman 
who showed me 
where to find the things 
that I wanted.
After that, I didn't want to smash 
anything anymore.
Later, my family ate turkey tacos
around the kitchen table.
I think once or twice
we even laughed.
                      -- Alex Gallo-Brown

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