Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Where I Write

The Rumpus has posted my contribution to their recurring "Where I Write" series. It includes a photograph of my old writing closet in Portland!


  1. Hey Alex,

    It's Marcus!

    Heather just directed me to your essay(?) in The Rumpus. I enjoyed it. I also read your piece titled "Healthy Heart." I found it simple, and well-detailed. It reminded me of the mind-frame of my own past unemployment experiences. There's some sort of sad, lonely, emptiness that drips from you in that state.

    I'm currently over-extended. Working in a high school behavior program, in grad school to be a therapist, interning at a child and family clinic. Oh yeah, and I'm moving apartments. Too damn busy. Oh well.

    I should send you something that I've written, but I don't have access to it here. If my scattered mind can remember, you can look for it soon.

    Take care homey,

  2. Hey Marcus! Glad you liked The Rumpus pieces. Sounds like you have a lot of good stuff going on. I would love to see your writing. Shoot me an e-mail whenever you have a chance.