Friday, October 21, 2011

This Means Taking Care of Each Other

"Part of the point of this sort of occupation is to reclaim public space, to encourage the kind of noncommercial relationships between human beings discouraged by corporate culture, to build in miniature the society you are trying to create. This means taking care of one another. It means all the unlikely things that protestors in New York and L.A. and elsewhere are already doing: Setting up free kitchens and libraries and childcare and open air schools and why not a bike repair shop too, along with what rudiments of healthcare people can provide for one another on a small patch of grass."

From an excellent article by Ben Ehrenreich about the Occupy Wall Street Protests in the LA Review of Books.

Meanwhile, here are some charts detailing what the protestors are so angry about. And a website of writers who have signed on in support, complete with original work (including this rather strange poem from D.A. Powell).

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